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Instant Software Brander Bundle

Today on this page you can unlock an entire arsenal of your own software with UNRESTRICTED RIGHTS to…

  • Sell as your own
  • Sell rights
  • Create bundles
  • Create unlimited new versions
  • Use as bonuses
  • Use as lead magnets
  • Give away as viral traffic magnets

From: Eric Holmlund and Jeff Alderson


This is not one of those long sales letters. I have nothing against “long form” sales copy, as I’ve written plenty of it over the years, BUT it’s just not necessary in this case.

I can explain what this is all about in under 3 minutes.

Jeff and I have each made millions of dollars selling software products. We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs build online businesses.

Sometimes we have sold products with “Private Label Rights” (PLR) or “White Label Rights”. Those are good shortcuts for some entrepreneurs.

The PROBLEM when it comes to PLR or White Label software is that it’s nearly impossible to rebrand, even if it comes with the source code. You basically have to be a programmer (or hire one) to change the software and give it your own title. So everyone ends up trying to sell the exact same thing.

Today that problem is SOLVED.

We created a software “rebrander tool” that allows you to REBRAND our software in under a minute to make it your own. What do I mean by rebrand?

  • You can give the software its own name/title
  • Your name or company name will show as the author
  • You can put your own links in the software
  • You can put your own advertisements in the software

We do NOT have ANY names or links or advertisements that will remain in the software. It will be 100% yours!

Not only will the software be exclusively branded with your name, it will be yours to do ANYTHING with it. In other words, we’re including an UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights License for you to use these software programs any way you want.

You can also create as many new versions of the software with unique names as you want. We’re even including SEVEN different software programs in this bundle, so you can create unlimited new versions of ALL of them. You get these seven brandable software programs today…

The only part that does NOT come with these rights is the brander tool itself. The brander tool is for you only, and can only be used by those who acquire it from this page during this special offer.

Again, you can use ALL of your uniquely banded software however you want. For example…

  • Sell as your own (UNLIMITED)
  • Sell rights (UNLIMITED)
  • Create bundles (UNLIMITED)
  • Create new versions (UNLIMITED)
  • Use as bonuses (UNLIMITED)
  • Use as lead magnets (UNLIMITED)
  • Give away as viral traffic magnets (UNLIMITED)
I happen to be a big believer in list building, so I think using them as lead magnets is one of the smartest things you could do. That’s why we’re including squeeze pages to go along with each of the seven software programs.

You get seven squeeze pages, which include sales copy written for each of the software, and are completely customizable and easily brandable…

In our businesses, we usually like to create E-covers for the software that we sell or give away. So we wanted to make it easy for you to create E-covers for all of your custom-branded software too.

We couldn’t include finalized E-covers in this package, because they wouldn’t have YOUR name on them. So… We’re including a package of easily customizable E-cover templates! I made and included a tutorial video showing you how to use them. You can use them with Photoshop OR with a 100% free tool that we will show you!

This way you can easily generate custom 3D E-covers for all of your new software! (if you enjoy it, you could turn that into another income stream LOL)

Lastly, in case you were wondering… HOW does the brander tool work?

I’m glad you asked, because this is the best part of all. You basically click a few buttons, type in your desired name and links, and it can be done in under a minute.

YES, you really can do it in under 1 minute. If you want 100% undeniable PROOF, go watch the video at the top of this page! You’ll see!

As you can see in the illustration above, there are three spots in step four where you can put your own advertisements into the software. I want to mention that those are optional. You can use one of them, some of them, or all of them. The software will look fine with or without them.

I also want to mention that we’re including ad templates to make it extra easy for you to put your own advertisements in those spots.

I could go on and on about all the things you can do with this software, especially considering the UNRESTRICTED PLR license that you’re getting today, BUT…

At the top of this letter I said that I would keep it short. So I’m going to completely SKIP all the typical “adding value” and “creating desire” paragraphs that I would normally include here…

I’m not even going to take the time to write one of my proven “closing value propositions”. Again it’s just not necessary…

I’ve told and shown you simply and clearly what you’re getting today. You can easily see all the ways you will benefit from this, and how much of a great return on investment it can have for your business.

We could definitely be charging at least 10X the ridiculous low price below. BUT… happy holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate…


Instant Software Brander Bundle
Our Exclusive Brander Tool
7 Instantly Brandable Software Programs
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
Squeeze Pages
E-cover Templates
Ad Templates

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Instant Software Brander Bundle

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you’re not satisfied with this package, just let us know within 30 days of your order and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. After 30 days, all sales are final.

If you need assistance, please open a ticket at

To your success,
Eric Holmlund & Jeff Alderson

P.S. – Think about how much time and money it would take you to develop all these software programs on your own. Yet you get to have them customized with your own name on them for mere pennies on the dollar. Now think about all the opportunities that this package is going to allow for you to generate more web traffic, leads, and sales. Even just a little more web traffic will make this more than worth it. Even just a few leads will make this more than worth it. Probably just one sale of a product makes this more than worth it for your business. So go ahead and make this good investment in your business today.  

P.P.S. – You’re protected by our money back guarantee. So you can try it out today, and enjoy peace of mind. All you have to do is click the order button to get started!

It’s like Christmas just for you!
Half Off Sale! Save HALF OFF with coupon code:

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